About Northland Progress

What Is Northland Progress?

Northland Progress is a grassroots coalition supporting the adoption of forward-thinking policies to benefit the people of the northern Kansas City metro area. Initial focus will be on issues affecting the citizens of Platte, Clay, Buchanan, Clinton and Ray counties.

What is the purpose of Northland Progress?

Northland Progress was created to inform Northland voters on local and statewide issues that will affect their lives, to help progressive Northlanders connect for common purpose, and to advocate for policies that will lead to the continued advancement and long-term prosperity of the region.

Board Members & Officers

Blake Green – President & Board Chair
Blake is an attorney and the owner of BG Law. He and his wife Melissa are Parkville residents.

Martin T. Rucker II – Vice President & Board Member
Martin is a five year NFL veteran tight end who retired from the KC Chiefs in 2012. He currently works as a project engineer at Kissick Construction Company. Martin and his wife Geony are Kansas City (Platte) residents.

Michael Amash – Treasurer & Board Member
Michael is an attorney and a managing partner at Blake & Uhlig. He and his wife Megan are Parkville residents.

Carolyn Vellar – Secretary
Carolyn is a retired consultant and the former executive director of Northland Neighborhoods. She and her husband Scott are Kansas City (Platte) residents.

Dr. Laura Neff-Rogers – Board Member
Laura is an ENT doctor with Children’s Mercy Hospital. She and her husband Wes are Kansas City (Clay) residents.

Melissa Green – Board Member
Melissa is a senior marketing manager with Asurion. She and her husband Blake are Parkville residents.

Scott Wilkerson – Board Advisor
Scott is a compliance officer in the financial industry. He and his wife Carolyn are Kansas City (Platte) residents.

Founding Members

Megan & Michael Amash

Scott Cruce

Sara & Andrew Ennis

Dr. Valerie French & Chris Kruse

Melissa & Blake Green

Pauli Kendrick

Matt Meyerkord

Dr. Laura Neff-Rogers & Wes Rogers

Geony & Martin T. Rucker II

David Slater

Carolyn Vellar & Scott Wilkerson

Jared Welch

Teddi Wolff

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“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

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