Northland Progress relies on its members for direction.

While the board of directors will make final decisions, the members of Northland Progress will have considerable influence over issue advocacy and priority determinations.

Issues of concern for NP include:

Public education:

NP will work to secure high quality and well-funded public education for all Northland children.

Infrastructure improvements:

Strong regions need strong infrastructure (such as highways and bridges). NP will work to ensure that Northland residents and businesses can rely on safe transportation for years to come.

Environmental responsibility:

The natural beauty of the Northland is one of our greatest resources. NP will support clean air and water initiatives, improvement of local recycling programs, and policies encouraging the use of alternative and sustainable energy sources.

Voting rights:

NP supports fair electoral processes and opposes voter suppression laws and tactics. We will work to educate citizens on voting laws, register voters and update voter registrations, and mobilize Northland citizens to ensure they can participate in their government.

Workers rights:

The middle class is the backbone of a strong economy, but many hardworking Missourians are facing threats to their standard of living. NP supports fair wages and safe workplaces, and the right of workers to organize to demand a fair shake.

Healthcare rights:

In this great country of ours, healthcare should not be a privilege for the fortunate few, but a right for all. NP supports measures that will expand access to affordable healthcare for all Northland citizens and give women (and their doctors) control over their reproductive health.

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